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Borehole Drilling

Boreholes provide safe water for human consumption, industries, agriculture, food processing etc.

We are fully equipped for drilling in any type of formation (rock, sand, collapsible etc.), both small and large diameter holes.


The two different designs utilized for borehole construction in Uganda are:

  - Open hole (casing up to the rock);

  - Fully cased (casing up to the bottom).


 In both designs, casing screen with 1mm slot is used to allow water flow in the borehole.

Gravel pack size 2 to 5 mm diameter is installed near the screen casing zone to filter the water.

    -The finishing of the borehole is done using a clay seal on top of the gravel pack zone, local material for backfilling and cement slurry for sanitary seal are used to protect the well from pollution.


The water from the borehole is drinkable without any treatment, in particular when it comes from deep strata.