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Pump Supply & Installation

We supply and install the following types of pumps depending on the Client's needs:-

S   Hand pump.
   Electrical submersible pump.
   Solar pump.
   Hybrid pump (both Electrical Solar and Hand).


Lorentz Pumps

Grundfon Pumps

Our pumps are fitted with G.I. (Galvanised Iron), S.S (Stainless steel) or the most current on the market PVC which assure our clients of good quality of water.

The types of hand pumps commonly used in Uganda are:

S   India Mark II (or U 2): installed with GI pipes - size 1”1/4, up to 90m underground depth

S U III: installed with GI pipes - size 2”1/2, up to 30m depth

S U III modified: installed with PVC pipes - size 2”, up to 30m depth.

The electrical submersible pumps need power from a generator or electrical supply to pump water. A single phase pump needs 220 - 240 Volts; a three phase pump needs 380 – 400 Volts. The installation of a power stabilizer and a power surge protector is highly recommended to guarantee a long lifespan of the pump.

In each borehole, a specific type of submersible pump according to the well yield and the water dynamic depth is recommended. The pump test report of the boreholes provides the necessary information for recommending the right type of pump to install in each well.

A minimum and sustainable yield of 1000 liters of water per hour is recommended for installing a submersible pump in a borehole.

To maximize the benefit of a motorised borehole it is necessary to have/organize a water supply system (tank as storage and distribution lines).

The solar pump works using the power supplied by the sunshine / daylight.


For functioning it needs solar panels to convert radiation into electricity.

The major advantages that people can be received from the installation of submersible solar pumps are:

S  No consumption of fuel, electricity or manpower;

S Minimum necessity of maintenance (removing dust from solar panels);

S Use of HDPE pipes for the installation (no contamination from rusty pipes    in the boreholes).

The only limitation of solar pumps is the initial high cost involved mainly in the supply of solar panels.

Hybrid Pump

A hybrid pump is a combination of both Solar electrical and Hand pumps in one borehole. The advantages of a hybrid pump is that it is versatile, so you are sure to have water supply with or with out electrical power.