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Hydro Geological Survey
Site Investigation

There is 40 times as much ground water below the earth surface as there is in all the world's streams and lakes. However the groundwater is unequally distributed with none in some areas so we carry out a professional hydro-geological survey to ascertain suitable sites for exploration of significant quantities of groundwater before carrying out any drilling exercise. We use the resistivity method to assist in the assessment of geological sub surface conditions; through Vertical Electrical Sounding (V.E.S) and Horizontal Electrical Profiling (H.E.P).

This limits the risk of drilling dry boreholes.

Our hydro-geological surveys include:

  • A preliminary desk study is always conducted using geological maps, topographical maps ,aerial photographs and review of existing data .
  • Site reconnaissance and site mapping.
  • Geophysical studies and field tests.

The hydo-geological data, maps graphs and cross-section profiles obtained from the hydro-geological survey. The company has two sets of ABEM Tarrameters SAS 1000 the PASI Resistivity Meter.

We have highly qualified personnel equipped with the right methodology, tools, skills and field experience ensuring quality service for our clients. and existing borehole data. In case of production boreholes aero photographs are included in the preliminary work.

The desk study is followed by the site investigation through area profiling and electrical sounding. Data interpretation made by qualified and experienced personnel allows us to achieve a high average rate of successful borehole (80% and above).